Felix Von Luckner: The Life and Times of a Sea-Devil

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One of my visits to a second hand book store rewarded me with a 1923 volume of a book with the imaginative title The Sea-Devil Conquers America. A book written by the German sea-captain Count Felix Von Luckner. A quick peruse of the Wikipedia-entry about Count Von Luckner, aka “The … Continue reading

Maxie and Rosie: A Story of Wishful Thinking

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Every history student knows about those moments when imagination takes over. Of course we should work empirically; every statement should be based on reliable sources. But sometimes it just cannot be avoided that wishful thinking takes over. I experienced one of these moments when I did some research on the … Continue reading

Cats and Greedy Bastards

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So, if there’s anything to be said about the last cat I discussed, it’s that, according to this stage show, prostitution is BAD. And so is wandering away to seek your own fortune apparently. When talking about vices in this context, we could say that pride is something to be … Continue reading

The Raging Reporter and the Gay General

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On the evening of the 24th of May 1913, two detectives of the Austro Hungarian security service are standing in a room at the stately Hotel Klomser in Vienna. They stand in front of the head of their own security service: General Alfred Redl. Just after midnight, the detectives hand … Continue reading

Life in a German Crack Regiment. Part Two

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So, last week we left our story when poor Hildegarde was crying bitter tears in her room. Today we are going to learn what fate had in store for Hildegarde and her lover lieutenant Winkler. But first I would like to explain what a crack regiment is. At first glance … Continue reading

Careers in German Poetry, part 3

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The greatest dead poet alive After the Second World War, the communist regime in Eastern Germany had reason to boast: one of the greatest German poets alive was on their side. This provoked the Western German poet Johannes Bobrowski to state that the poet in question was the greatest dead … Continue reading

Careers in German Poetry

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The man who failed to become the new Tacitus One does not immediately bring poetry in connection with National-Socialism. It is not easy to imagine the coarse and cynical Nazi’s reading, let alone writing poetry. But actually they did abuse the art to create the most cynical propaganda ever. Hans … Continue reading