On Blackfaces, Black Faces, and Black Pete


A look at Dutch folklore and European history So, there has been some controversy on a certain folkloristic figure in the Netherlands for the past few years. What is the problem here? In 2011, an artist called Quinsy Gario accused the depiction of Black Pete to be racist. At some … Continue reading

Cats and Greedy Bastards

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So, if there’s anything to be said about the last cat I discussed, it’s that, according to this stage show, prostitution is BAD. And so is wandering away to seek your own fortune apparently. When talking about vices in this context, we could say that pride is something to be … Continue reading

Rauzer: A ‘Typically Dutch’ Children’s Book, part 2

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“[A] whore isn’t inferior to a housewife” As many people might know, the Netherlands are infamous for a couple of things: windmills, cheese, tulips, wooden shoes, our drug policy, and, of course, our red light districts and affiliated sex industries. Eccentric as this might all sound to a non-Dutch person, … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Magic Way of Moving

HP 9 moving

The other day the Reading Dutchwoman asked me a question while I was helping her move over to a new place: what would Harry do? In this specific case, I assumed it was about how would wizards handle something like moving out. So, I present to you my thoughts on … Continue reading

Rauzer: A ‘Typically Dutch’ Children’s Book, part 1

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The Catctus’ Prick Since I’m in the midst of moving, and my Cats blogs tend to take up a lot more time than I have at the moment, I decided to give you readers some variety the coming weeks. So in between putting stuff in boxes, taking stuff out of … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Stench of Decadence

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Before I start a rant about the moral deprecation and total abandonment of whatever values there are in this world, I must say that decadence does not entail the total downfall of a civilization. It still is rather glaring though that some wizards apparently take no heed of what they … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Diagon Alley Deathtrap

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Diagon Alley is the main commercial centre for Wizards in the British Isles; a sort of national shopping mall, if you wish. It is a place obscured from view somewhere in the City of London. Mind you: the City of London, because Greater London was more like the neighbouring city … Continue reading

Harry Potter and Hogwarts’ Admittance Letters

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I find it quite odd how Hogwarts conducted their policy with regards to Harry Potter. If I understood chapter 3 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone correctly, the first time he got a letter it must be the 24th of July, when the other letters must have been sent … Continue reading

Heroines of the ashes

Lars 5 Assepoester

Cinderella versus Assepoester Everybody knows Cinderella. Who did not grow up with the story with the wicked stepsisters and the glass slipper? What you should know however is that the version you learned as a child is only one of 700 variations of the story that are available worldwide.1 Dutch … Continue reading

Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley, Money, and a ‘Brazilian’ Snake

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So, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry wakes up one day to realize Dudley Dursley gets to celebrate his 11th birthday. His older cousin outshines Harry in every aspect, first and foremost in a physical way. There are 37 presents awaiting little Duddikins. Even if you assume this … Continue reading