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Let’s immediately make one thing clear here: although my blogs might suggest otherwise, I’m usually not that much of a hater.

Okay, maybe that’s not always completely true. But let’s face it: there are just some things that appear to have been put in this world simply to piss you off. And, well…, I tend to be a bit sensitive when it comes to them.

My name is Gabrielle, officially spelled with a “¨”* on the first “e” but I’m usually too lazy to write it that way. Although I am what you might call an Anglicist, the one thing I realised during the nine years I wandered around my university’s English department (I also had a lot of other things to do besides studying) is that I’m also very Dutch. And, being a Dutch Anglicist, sometimes I tend to have a slightly Dutch perspective when reading or watching something. Hence my alias: “The Reading Dutchwoman”.

Since I received my Master’s degree in 2011, many people have told me I was too intellectual to get a job. Though this might sound as a great compliment, it’s basically a lame excuse almost everybody who has graduated in some form of higher education gets to hear nowadays when applying for work. It actually means that you’re too expensive to hire, or that they fear that you will quit the job as soon as you find a better one that does pay you according to the required standards.

So, I started this. As I figured out that, being called an intellectual already, maybe I should live like one as well.

And I must admit that the intellectual (or maybe in my particular case I should actually rather say the bohemian) lifestyle suits me rather well. Yes: I’m broke almost all the time, but I also get to sleep in, write on a daily basis, and do many other things people often refer to as “artistic”.

Call me a snob, for sometimes I am. Call me a flawed snob, for sometimes (probably even more often than sometimes) I am that as well. On this website I will discuss various works of literature, poetry, the occasional play, and numerous things that are somehow related to this. Most will be English, but from time tot time I might throw in something Dutch or from another country as well.

Despite the fact that my blogs are first and foremost meant as a form of entertainment, I intent to keep something of an academic approach as well, meaning that I will cite my sources and provide background information if necessary. The purpose of this, among others, is that you, readers, in case of shared dislike, can use the information provided as a back-up if it ever comes to explaining said dislike to the teacher(s), professor(s), parent(s), friend(s), etc., who thought it necessary for you to read or watch the piece of crap. I therefore do take requests (you can put them in the comments section below). It might however take me a while to get to them, as I already have a lot of things to write about.


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*Yes: I know that a “¨” is officially called a diaeresis (and that you can also spell it “diæresis” or “dieresis”). I went to university to learn stuff like that.