Harry Potter and the Magic Way of Moving

HP 9 moving

The other day the Reading Dutchwoman asked me a question while I was helping her move over to a new place: what would Harry do? In this specific case, I assumed it was about how would wizards handle something like moving out. So, I present to you my thoughts on how wizards would do this: how do they get sofas through stairwells, how do they spend their last days in the to-be-deserted-home and what are their pastimes once they have moved in?

Well, the first thing you should notice is the magic factor. Wingardium leviosa, if conducted properly, is a huge time and effort saver. Also, objects can be transfigured, meaning they can be shrunk, or altered in mass, weight and so on. That huge cabinet that is larger than any doorway? Transfigure it into a chess piece and you can carry it in your pocket.

Then there are Moleskin pouches. They can be very handy and in some cases they can be bigger on the inside and carry objects that are bigger than themselves, as demonstrated excellently by Hermione Granger over the course of 1997 and 1998.

Some of you might think wizards have an easier time because of this. But magic can’t solve everything. There are plenty of things that have to be manipulated very carefully where magic is simply out of the options. An erumpent horn,1 for example. Magical handling would make its reactive mass become active, so careful handling would be necessary. Fine motor skills would be needed, but in some cases there are cumbersome objects which still require careful handling, where magic is out of the picture. Here wizards might be at a disadvantage, depending on whether or not a wizard has less muscular strength.

Whether or not a wizard is physically weaker than a muggle, doing the same work? I actually don’t know. I can only speculate, but so can the internet. And that is one matter on which I will not burn my fingers, given how sensitve such an issue might be amongst fans and because it requires further insight into muggle lifestyles becoming more sedentary and other things I probably missed in an oversight. For now it is clear though that in some ways moving from one house to another is easier for wizards, but in some cases they can be at a disadvantage.


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