Harry Potter and the Lack of Wizards

Harry Potter and The Lack of Wizards

As I discussed the Fidelius and some other flaws extensively last time, let’s turn to a fresh topic: Harry Potter and the problem of population.

I also want to say that I’ll use the wikia1 for my sourcing for lack of a better one. JK imagines the wizarding population to be around 3000, but that is just so pathetically small and devoid of adequate sources that I’ll go and try to figure it out myself. Especially since she admits she can’t do the maths herself either.

It is just so unclear not even the fans can work it out! I mean, when studying the Harry Potter novels, there appear to be only as much as 10 named students in Harry’s year, giving a minimal population of Hogwarts at about 280. JK herself estimated the wizarding population at 3000, but has also been saying that she imagines there to be 1000 students at Hogwarts in any given time.2 Yet Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire mentions that 100000 wizards were in attendance of the Quidditch world cup in 1994.3 She also retconned the Hogwarts student body to 600 students,4 and so on. And that is without looking at the effects of the first Wizarding War.

I mean, the society functions as a whole, having several aspects of our society has as well, such as an economy, newspapers, commerce, even a ministry and a hospital. Yet, counting up the numbers of Harry’s year the minimum population is around 3600 to 4800. With such small numbers, this is a huge difference.

Basically, the devoted number-crunching half of the Potter fandom is raging, as nobody seems to be able to provide a consensus, nor a solution. If anything shows from this, it is that she made a mess of her story. In-universe, things are far more disastrous. With low birth rates and high mortality due to the first wizarding war AND pureblood bigotry restricting the gene pool, everyone must be a complete retard by now due to severe cases of inbreeding. In a sense, it actually explains why most wizards are such complete dimwits.


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