Harry Potter and the First Plot Hole

Harry Potter and the First PlotholeThe story of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone starts on November 1st of the year 1981, when Vernon Dursley drives to work and notices several odd things: people of various ages are trotting around the streets in strange attire, varying from sickeningly colourful to downright anachronistic. As Vernon is considered the average Joe, anything deviating from his view of the world is downright odd. (And yes, I know that this is an obvious statement, but we still have to keep this in mind because, in his world, anything is considered abnormal.)

Later that night, when all normal people are asleep, a group of people gathers in the midst of night. And wouldn’t you know it: this gathering is on the front porch of Vernon Dursleys house! This is where the magic happens…

As a one year old child, named Harry James Potter is delivered to the doorstep of 4 privet drive, little Whinging, Surrey. What the hell is going on here?!

(By the way: for those who haven’t read the books yet, please do so now!)

As can be read in the Harry Potter series, Harry James Potter was born on the 31st of July 1980 to James Potter and Lily Evans, with Sirius Black assigned to be his godfather, during a war in magical Great Britain between a Dark Lord & his followers and the ministry of magic & its associates in a bid for seizing or retaining power. Some time before this, a certain Miss Sybill Trelawney had prophesized that a child would be born with the power to vanquish said Dark Lord. When the Dark Lord heard of this prophecy, he sought out the child with the intent of murdering it before the child could pose any threat to him. Unfortunately for the Dark Lord, this epically backfired on him and destroyed both his body and the house that they were in. Leaving the one year old child with a scar shaped like a lightning bolt.

And this is where the trouble starts: according to chapter ten of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, little Harry’s house had been protected by various measures in order to not let this befall. One of these security measures being the Fidelius Charm. The Fidelius Charm works by letting only one person, the so called ‘secret keeper’, dispense the information about a location from that point on. This basically means that before the charm was cast, you might perhaps have known that the house was right across the street. But after its casting, you can no longer disclose that information or even access the house if you are not allowed in by the secret keeper. Who, in turn, is the one, and only, person entitled to distribute the information.

This is a sure way of controlling the flow of information about your location… As long as you can trust the secret keeper that is! And as we all know that the Dark Lord came to the house, the Potters’ secret keeper obviously could not be trusted. So, basically you’ve got a secret keeper on the loose, his information is disclosed only to a limited circle of people, and little Harry is left there in the rubble of his former parental home.

Yet on that evening he is picked up by Hagrid and flown towards Surrey. Now how was that supposed to happen?! Hagrid was never shown to be entrusted with the secret. Yet he still managed to retrieve Harry.

(As for the route they flew: it is clear from later events, such as the letters arriving, that this all takes place in Little Whinging, Surrey. Now, when you look at Google maps, Surrey is not too far from London, a bit to the east. Hagrid says Harry fell asleep as they flew over Bristol. That makes Harry a Welshman. 😉 )

So far, however, the book has not yet explained how this could happen. And actually, it never does, neither do any of its sequels. So, somehow, Hagrid was inside the circle of trusted men and women of James and Lily Potter. Now, to divulge that information about the location of the Potters in Godric´s Hollow, he must have at least met Peter Pettigrew, or read a slip of parchment signed by Peter, thus knowing he is the secret keeper.

Mrs. Rowling, I would like to see some explanation with regard to this plot hole.


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