This is a review site, not a dispenser of dogma. Don’t treat it as such. Just as you, dear reader, we are fellow human beings with only limited mental capacities to process the world around us. Omniscience is just not our thing. Don’t expect such a thing from us. These reviews review a work, but mostly no more or less than that. This means that pollicle political and pettigous religious matters are not included. Fight your own wars on such matters if you want to. With our finite mental capacities comes a finite scope. We can only cover so many aspects in our review, by oversight or by choice. If you think it’s not inclusive enough, make your own reviews, or mention them in the comments section. Perhaps we can inlcude it later on. As human beings, we live in a dynamic world, with dynamic circumstances, with ever changing opinions and processes. Likewise, our opinions will shift over time. Reviews may conflict with each other. That’s what you get. Note that these are reviews, not our testament to the world. What we say in a review does not necessarily reflect what we think in real life. When possible, we try to keep real life things out of this.

As seen in the description, this is a review site. Note the subtitle: Fresh OPINIONS from the barren north. The other bits are important too, but this section focuses on the opinions part. Now, as much as some people would like, this is not a claim to truth, neither would it be desirable to be one. All works discussed, from whichever franchise they originate, or whatever format they are presented, all are regarded essentially as stories, even though this may not be the case for some of us. Sure, there are those who live their fandom to the fullest extent. Yes, there are some who regard their interpretation of the work as paramount and above all others. However, we from overthehorse.com do not desire such a claim to truth, nor would we like to see our interpretations treated as such. As reviewers we are mere human beings, as much as we might like to think otherwise. As such, our capacities to encompass as much about our subjects to be reviewed is limited. The scope of our reviews is not complete and we may get some things wrong. If you may find information which may fill in gaps we left (deliberately or not) open, please do report them, so we may fill in these gaps at a later date after due consideration. As a fellow reader, you too are endowed with the capacity to think, to reason and to learn and the choice to develop and apply these capabilities as thorough as you want to. Your opinion on this is however of no more importance than ours on the internet. This little site has been claimed as our personal territory in which we ventilate our own opinions onto the world wide web. That means that we and we alone have the final say in whatever is included in our reviews.