What the Dutch Did with It ‒ Holiday, by Madonna

5. Dames met koffers bij de boot - datum onbekend

All my life, I have been amazed how fellow Dutchmen can butcher well-known songs into the most head-scratching, mind-boggling, cringing covers, translations, mixes, and renditions. Not to mention how successful they often end up being. And as last Friday marked the last day of school here in the Barren North, … Continue reading

About ‘Green Happiness’ and Why “Grease Is the Word” was My Favourite Song This Week


This is the life of illusion Wrapped up in trouble laced with confusion What we doing here? – Frankie Valli, “Grease is the Word” Me, a neurotic perfectionist, being honest A few years ago I started writing an article about the so-called Death of the Author. As of today, I … Continue reading

(A very, very late) 60(/61) Years of Eurovision: Ranking the Dutch – Part 6 (10-1): The Best

Slider Ranking the Dutch 6

Dear Eurovision, WHAT THE HELL?! I had been planning to start off the last part of this series with an angry rant regarding Eurovision’s incredibly stupid flag policy that restricted the waving of rainbow flags during Russia’s performance, stating that the flags were “not [to] be used as tool to … Continue reading

Cats, Old Deuteronomy, …and Sugar Coated Anti-Semitism?!

Cats, Old Deuteronomy and… Sugar Coated Antisemitism?

I have a few confessions to make… The first one being that I’m slightly intoxicated while writing this. I know it’s still only Tuesday at the moment, but my week has started off so much more hectic than I anticipated and I just really needed a drink. When I started … Continue reading

60 Years of Eurovision: Ranking the Dutch – Part 5 (20-11): The Good(ish)

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So, what’s the deal with those semi-finals? Well, it turns out that’s actually quite a complicated story. But let me try to explain it here in the shortest and clearest way possible… When Eurovision started in 1956, seven countries participated (Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, and Belgium)1. Of … Continue reading

60 Years of Eurovision: Ranking the Dutch – Part 4 (30-21): The Inbetweeners

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Eurovision and the Dutch: let’s talk numbers… As I have already stated over and over in my previous blogs, the Netherlands have eagerly participated in Eurovision since its very start in 1956. Yet there have been 4 years in which we were absent: – In 1985 and 1991, the contest … Continue reading

60 Years of Eurovision: Ranking the Dutch – Part 3 (40-31): The ‘Okay’

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… Congratulations Sweden! I loved your act! You definitely are “the heroes of our time”. Can’t wait till next year! So… that was it then. The songs have been sung, the points have been given, the “booh’s” have been yelled, and all I can say is that I enjoyed every … Continue reading

60 Years of Eurovision: Ranking the Dutch – Part 2 (50-41): ‘Meh’

Slider Ranking the Dutch, part 2

 … A look back… In the early 1950’s, in a Europe still divided by the aftermath of WWII, the Switzerland-based European Broadcasting Union had an idea: let’s bring all the countries we cover together around a “light entertainment programme”. So they set up a committee, and at a meeting held … Continue reading

60 Years of Eurovision: Ranking the Dutch – Part 1 (57-51): The Very Bad

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The Eurovision Song Contest: love it or hate it, but we Dutch have been there from the start. And as this week marks Eurovision’s 60th anniversary, I decided to rank all Dutch entries from the past 60 years. So over the upcoming 6 days we will be counting down my … Continue reading

Why I Put it Down: The Little Friend by Donna Tartt

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  So… As you might have noticed, this site has been suspiciously quiet for the past couple of months. The reason: writer’s block. And for those of you who think that’s some lame excuse for being lazy: believe me, not the case. As I found out first hand lately, writer’s … Continue reading