Thomas OTH Thumbnail versie 2(As R-Man explains it)

Remember reading that much-famed piece of literature, hallowing book reading classes wherever you went, set aloft high on a proverbial mountain top with few or no peers, seemingly the summit of mankind’s possibilities to express one self? Yeah, turns out it is a bit of a nuisance to read through it all. Long winded plots, references piled atop of each other, one obscurer than the other, while contemporary literature studies add various notions about psychological driving forces and gender distribution to the already bothersome book. As if the book itself was ok in its day, but so much got tacked on over time it soared high above everything else, pushed onwards by the expectations and exaltations of so many readers, critics and literature professors. And what comes up, must come down. Lifted up over the horse and then fallen down, having been launched too far and too high. Then one might wonder, what is left? This.

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